Why not use a skip? I’ll tell you why!

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The average cost of a 6 yard skip in London is £238. With a £700+ per month skip permit required in some areas, people are seeking cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives such as RubbishKing. We can take up to 2 skip loads for almost the same price as a single skip! WE load, WE sweep up and WE recycle your waste responsibly at authorised sites across London. Most waste is charged by volume but some heavy waste (i.e hardcore, soil, wet wood etc) is charged by weight (as detailed below).

How do I estimate my load?

As a rough guide, 1 Cubic yard is the same size as a domestic washing machine/tumble dryer (3ft X 3ft X 3ft).

So imagine your load as blocks, as best you can anyway.

Estimates will be confirmed once we are on site.

Minimum Load - 1 Cubic Yard - £50 - Max Weight: 100KG
1/4 Load - 3 Cubic Yards - £100 - Max Weight: 300KG
1/2 Load - 6 Cubic Yards - £180 - Max Weight: 600KG
3/4 Load - 9 Cubic Yards - £250 - Max Weight: 900KG
Full Load - 12 Cubic Yards - £300 - Max Weight: 1200KG


To cover extra processing costs, we charge extra for the following items:

  • Parking & Parking Fines – As incurred
  • Mattress – £30
  • Computer Monitor/TV (CRT) – £10
  • Domestic Fridge/Freezer – £60
  • Commercial or American style Fridge/Freezer – £120
  • Car Battery – £5
  • Car Tyre – £10

Heavy Waste

Heavy loads like rubble, tiles, soil, bricks and wet wood are charged by weight regardless of volume.

Heavy waste is charged at 1 cubic yard per 100kg so 1200kg of waste will be charged as 12 cubic yards but may only take up 6 cubic yards of space.

As a rough guide, rubble, soil and concrete weigh around 250kg-500kg per cubic yard. A bag of rubble weighs 30kg – 50kg, so 25 bags of rubble weigh around 1,000kg.

Prohibited Items

Things we cant take:

Unfortunately there are some items we can’t take due to health and safety and legal reasons.

  • Asbestos
  • Biological or Medical waste
  • Gas bottles or Fire extinguishers
  • Oil, petrol or diesel
  • Toxic substances, noxious chemicals & solvents
  • Truck or tractor tyre

Please use the above information as a guide, we tailor every job we do to suit customer needs. House clearances are priced differently from our general rubbish collections, similarly our weekly commercial prices differ again so please feel free to call us to discuss your needs. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

To find out more or to get a quote for your rubbish clearance please contact us.